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VIRA Frangos is the redefinition of the traditional Portuguese chicken restaurant.  We serve traditional chicken our way, as it has never been seen before: marinated, deboned and grilled in a process that removes fat, adds juiciness, and leaves it crispy. The distinctive flavour of barbecue chicken without any added fat. Seasoned only with lemon juice and fleur de sel, always served cut into cubes. To be eaten, with or without one of the 5 spicy LIVRA, the VIRA Piripíris (Portuguese chili peppers).

We also serve our chicken with our very own House Sauce or with Olive oil and Herbs.  And some novelties in the world of Chicken: Bacon and Cheese (Grilled chicken with cheese gratin and crispy bacon), Avocado & Yogurt (a healthy mix) and Truffle and Parmesan. Our food has everything to please everyone. 

With such a perfect core product, our deboned grilled chicken, we could rest on our laurels, but we went further. Never before seen side dishes, delicious bites, potato churros, the Entalados, (mini chicken sliders) that will certainly become world famous, desserts, and original drinks.  To eat sitting down, walking, at home, at work, at concerts …. It’s VIRAverywhere. Always with Portugal on our mind.Visit us at The CascaiShopping Restoration, on Level 1.

Visit us at CascaiShopping Food Court, on the 1st Floor.

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