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Developed by NASA in the 1970s to cushion and support astronauts during take-off, TEMPUR® Material distributes weight and pressure evenly: all you feel is lightness! Today, TEMPUR® material is at the core of all our mattresses and pillows. We remain the only mattress product recognized by NASA and certified by the Space Foundation. TEMPUR® Material may have been created for the moment of astronauts taking off into space, but research and development has brought TEMPUR® technology into the bedroom. We understand that no two people sleep in the same way. So it stands to reason that a person will sleep better on one mattress than on another. That’s why we continually invest in innovative technology and develop new products – we strive to have a perfect mattress for everyone. Our rest specialists are always available to guide you through the many options and help you find the mattress that best fits your needs.

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