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In 1958, the pizzeria concept was still relatively new to most Americans. Frank and Dan Carney, then college students, took up the challenge of a family friend and started Pizza Hut with a small loan of $600 courtesy of their mother. They bought used equipment and used a revolutionary marketing tactic for the time: on opening day there was free pizza for everyone. The product and the brand were introduced. Over the past five decades, Pizza Hut has been able to build its reputation as an innovator, earning the respect and preference of customers, competitors, and experts alike. The brand is frequently cited in leading publications such as Fortune, The Economist, and The Wall Street Journal. Starting with a modest concept that evolved into the global brand that we all know today is obviously the result of a lot of work and a total dedication and commitment to the quality of the product and service provided, as well as particular attention to all the aspects that add value. Pizza Hut has demonstrated over time an extraordinary ability to innovate and develop new products. From the original thin crust served at the Wichita restaurant in 1958 to the modern Pan Pizza.

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