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Our hamburgers have 200g of pure meat. They are grilled (and not plated or pressed) at the chosen point, with sea salt, pure by certified grillers and approved in 72 parameters at the h3 Grill School. And finally, served on heated plates, or on bread, to be eaten with a metal knife and fork. We call this way of thinking new hamburgology. It is possible to serve good food at an affordable price quickly. We say. We believe that if you taste it, you will agree that our food is good. We believe that food should be gourmet, but prices are not. Our menus include a hamburger, side dish and drink (any one) and start at 7.85 euros. We believe that at the busiest times we can serve you in 30 seconds (from the order date). All gestures have been studied so that not 1 second or 1 smile is wasted. We claim the patent for the first sympathetic machine. It is the “Tuga machine”.

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