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Eggcellent was born out of a passion for food and a desire to eat healthier. The idea came up at home, cooking an omelet, so we always try to pass that homemade flavor that we all like to our dishes. To the best eggs, we add the freshest and tastiest ingredients to compose our Omelets, Scrambled Eggs, and Wraps. Any of these three formats can be made with whole eggs (yolks and whites) or just with the whites, for those who want a very tasty and very low-calorie experience. Because we only use Eggs from free-range hens – or “happy hens” as we like to call them – Compassion in World Farming, an international entity dedicated to animal welfare, granted us the “Good Egg Award” as recognition for our good practices! Since we opened the first unit, in 2014, our goals are to always serve better, always with a good mood, and always cook all dishes with the utmost dedication!

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