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At Edicare we have been working with children since 2002. We want to show them the best that is done in the children’s universe, we want learning to be a spontaneous and graceful process, we want to add something more and provide alternative pedagogical content, whether using the content of a book, the illustration of a puzzle or design of a game. Here, we work so that the children’s experience with our materials is lived to the fullest and that they derive the greatest enjoyment, knowledge, pleasure, information, creativity. At Edicare we are determined but flexible, firm but humble, simple but demanding, obstinate but always creative, without ever forgetting that our vocation is to provide children and families with quality leisure and learning time, through the most diverse materials. In our selection, we value products with an affordable language and price. We design articles that combine, at the same time, the practical component and the educational value with the playful and fun component.

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