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In 1840, the first chapter of Agência Abreu’s history was written. Its protagonist is Bernardo Luis Vieira de Abreu, born in Rossas, Vieira do Minho. With reference to the movement of emigrants from the north of Portugal and Galicia,  destined for Brazil, Bernardo de Abreu established himself that year, in the city of Porto, at Rua do Loureiro. The first travel agency in the world to open public service offices was born there.  In 2015, Agência Abreu is the largest travel organization operating in the Portuguese market, with 150 stores (all of them owned) – the largest network nationwide. It organizes for Portugal, Europe, and the World, leisure, work, and event trips for travelers from all parts of the globe. The recognition and trust of the market resulting from the unsurpassed capacity for innovation and performance of a network, at a global level, of 1,500 employees and the selection of the best partners in the area of tourism and travel.

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