Receiving you is a pleasure and we want to guarantee that your experience with us becomes memorable. We have a range of services available to ensure your maximum comfort and convenience.

  • Information Desk – If you have any questions, please contact our Information Desk which is open Monday to Sunday from 10:00 to 23:00 at the ground floor. Here you can find help on any topic related to your visit, as well as order strollers, wheelchairs, power banks, among other services.


  • Baby Changing room – The Center has a changing room available on the 1st floor, next to the Foodcourt. To find out your locations, click here.


  • Baby Food Chairs – The Centre has baby food chairs in the foodcourt. This service has no associated costs.


  • Papas & pampering – The Centre offers in the foodcourt (at first floor) a place with microwave and bottle warmer, intended for the meals of the little ones.


  • Strollers – The Centre has strollers that can be used by children under the age of 3 years, with a maximum height of 1 meter and a maximum weight of 15 kg. You can order them from the Information Desk. This service has no associated costs.


  • Playground Cascaisland – Jumping, laughing and playing is something you do in CascaisLand. Bring your kids and have fun with them. This space is on the ground floor, next to Perfumes & Company, is not guarded, and its companions are responsible for the children who use the space.


  • Wheelchair – The Centre has wheelchairs. You can order them at the Information Desk. This service has no associated costs.


  • Cascais Information Store – Cascais Town Hall Store at ground floor with information about Cascais, including tourism.


  • WC reduced mobility – There are sanitary facilities with reduced mobility, for pregnant women, the elderly and lap children.


  • ATM – In our Centre there are ATMs so you can make cash withdrawals, transfers and payments.


  • Wi-Fi – Browse everywhere. Share your moments with friends or simply have fun online without leaving CascaiShopping. Access is free.


  • Digital directories – In the digital directories you can find information about existing stores as well as their location and have access to more information about CascaiShopping, such as schedules, services, among other information.


  • Currency exchange – You can exchange currencies from various countries in our Nova Câmbios store on level 0.


  • Laboratory of clinical analyses – Did you know that there is a laboratory here where you can do your analysis in a practical and comfortable way? To know the location click here .


  • Dentist – So that you can take care of your smile with all the tranquility and convenience, we have a dental clinic available. To find out the location, click here .


  • Pharmacy – Here there is a pharmacy with everything you need. Every day from 9:00am to 11:00pm at the ground floor.



  • Laundry – Washing and/or drying service. To find out your location, click here .


  • Florist – Buy the flowers here to give to that special person.


  • Shoemaker and key shop – Here you will find several services at your disposal: shoe repair, key duplication, battery replacement, among others.


  • Charging batteries for cars – While visiting CascaiShopping let your car load at the charging points we have available in the central park, level 0.


  • Car Wash – Enjoy the visit to the Center and let your car shine. While quietly shopping, use the washing service that is available at StarWash in the central park, level 0.


  • Automotive workshop – Do you need a car workshop? CascaiShopping has a Midas, located here


  • First Aid Post  – CascaiShopping has a first-aid post placed at the ground floor near the Information Desk, contact us at (+351) 21 012 1646/49.